Expansion in the right direction

The intersection of Europe’s business routes, strong economy and dynamic economic growth, stable business law – these are just three out of a long list of arguments which effectively convince European corporations to invest in Poland.

Sun Garden - steel construction in Poland

This is why investment in Poland is a good idea

Why invest in Poland - business loaction

Business location

Poland is situated at the very heart of Europe, with all directions on the business map of the continent interconnected to form a network of modern road infrastructure. This location is conducive to cost optimisation and ensures high logistic potential to companies.

Dynamically growing economy in Poland

Dynamically growing economy

The potential of Poland systematically increases and Poland stands out against other European countries with its stable, dynamic and sustainable economic growth. This creates conditions conducive to business activity for foreign investors.

Why invest in Poland - stable law

Stable law

Poland is a predictable state, featuring stable business and tax laws. This offers safe fiscal conditions for investment projects implemented by foreign investors.

High workforce potential in Poland

High workforce potential

The high professional potential of Polish specialists and managers follows from high level of education, business energy and competition in nearly all areas of professional services. The dynamics and openness of the labour market is a valid argument in favour of investing in Poland.

EU subsidies and government grants for constructions in Poland

EU subsidies and government grants

EU financial support programmes and government grants for investments of high significance for the Polish economy in 2011-2023 are another vital argument.

Subsidies and grants are offered to foreign companies in a number of business areas.

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